Quality Chess Puzzle Book

Quality Chess Puzzle Book

Nothing is more important in chess than tactical skill - it is the

foundation of all playing strength.

In any game, no matter how great the opening preparation or profound the

strategy, there will always be a moment when tactics are needed. Thus, a

tough tactical workout is essential for players of every level who wish

to improve.

The Quality Chess team has spent years gathering puzzles that are

perfect for this task, with almost all of them coming from games played

after 2000.

The Quality Chess Puzzle Book starts with less difficult thematic

combinations, then moves on to various scenarios where tactics arise

such as in Endgames, Defence, Positions with Pawn Promotions and even

the games of Vassily Ivanchuk, before ending with the appropriately

named Brain Crushers, where the reader's challenge is made more

realistic by puzzles where the crash-bang-wallop moment is a few moves

in the future.

The solver still has to find the one correct move, but the answer will

rarely be Bxh7+.

• Ideal for developing tactical skill

• Entertaining and educational

• 735 challenging puzzles - almost exclusively from the 21st century

John Shaw is a grandmaster and Chief Editor of Quality Chess. He has

been Scottish Champion three times.